Alice’s Adventures In Acquittal Land

small number can produce big gains

Trump’s Impeachment Trial Was Unconstitutional Despite 55 Senators Voting it Was Constitutional. Watch “Alice’s Adventures In Acquittal Land” Watch on Rumble ““Alice’s Adventures In Acquittal Land”” Smaulgld’s RUMBLE CHANNEL Watch

Does Impeachment Matter?

There is no crime “Obstruction of Congress”. Watch “Does Impeachment Matter?” Watch Video on Bitchute Become a Patron! New Smaulgld affiliate 1st Coffee – wide selection of coffee makers and coffee beans. Get coffee for your Smaulgld Mug! Every purchase at 1st coffee earns Smaulgld a commission. NOTICE: Smaulgld no longer conducts nightly live streams Read More →

From Russia To The National Enquirer

Turning point

Trump Faces New Scrutiny. Manafort Found Guilty. Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty. David Pecker, CEO of Company that owns National Enquirer and Allen Weisselberg of the Trump Corporation have been granted immunity. Bitcoin ETFs rejected by the SEC. Smaulgld Super Classic Mug – $23.99 with Free Shipping in the Continental United States. Smaulgld Classic Mug – Read More →

Fed President: Gold Irrelevant to Monetary Policy

San Francisco Fed President John Williams Tells High School Students Dollar is King. Renewed Treasury Buying By the Chinese and Russians. Platinum deficit projected by World Platinum Investment Council. Deutsche Bank charged with being an international criminal organization. COMEX Bitcoin futures market might be coming soon. One Belt and Road update. Former FBI Director James Read More →