Swiss National Bank Increases Mining Share Holdings, Slows Purchases of FANG, Unicorn Stocks

Swiss National Bank Unicorn stocks 9.30.17.with image

Swiss National Bank Mining Portofolio Shares and Value Increase in 3rd Quarter. SNB adds back shares in nearly all of its mining holdings. SNB slows purchases of its Unicorn and Fang stocks. SNB owns approximately $3.3 billion in Apple, $1.7 billion in Amazon, $1.6 billion in Facebook, $170m in Newmont Mining and $150 million in Read More →

Value of the Swiss National Bank’s Mining Share Portfolio Falls 30%

Swiss National Bank Gold and Silver Mining Share Portfolio Cut By 30%. Swiss National Bank Overall Equity Portfolio Grows 30% from $62 Billion to $81 billion. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To via paypal Swiss National Bank Gold and Silver Mining Share Holdings as Read More →