Global Silver Stock Piles Top 1 Billion Ounces!


Silver ETFs and COMEX Warehouses Represent the Bulk of Stockpiled Silver. In this video we discuss global silver stockpiles and the “unsustainable” gold silver ratio. Watch “Global Silver Stock Piles Top 1 Billion Ounces! “ Watch Video on Bitchute NOTICE: Smaulgld no longer conducts nightly live streams on the YouTube and has removed all videos Read More →

Three Large Silver Stock Piles

Central Banks Don’t Hold Silver, But there are Still Some Large Stock Piles of Silver In the World. Three large silver stock piles hold about a year’s worth of silver mining production. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To via paypal Silver ETFs – 575 Read More →