First Majestic Folds, Sells Held Back Silver Production

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Silver Miners Holding Back Production First Majestic, Mexico’s largest silver mining company, recently announced that due to low silver prices, it would hold back some of its silver production. How to Buy Silver 10 oz. Silver Bars Near Spot from On October 14, 2014, First Majestic announced that it had produced 3.5 million ounce Read More →

Gold and Silver Manipulation

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Gold and Silver Manipulation Think gold and silver manipulation is nothing more than a conspiracy theory? Here are actual examples of gold and silver manipulation. Also See: Part 1 Gold and Silver Price Manipulation – Suspected Update April 16, 2016: Deutesche Bank Settles Gold Price Manipulation Case Update April 15, 2016: Deutsche Bank Settles Silver Read More →

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

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Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Silver Manipulation Gold Manipulation Are gold and silver price manipulation charges real? There is strong evidence to suggest that they are. Also See: Part 2 – Gold and Silver Manipulation – Actual Update November 9, 2014: UBS to Settle Precious Metals Misconduct Allegations Update January 27, 2015: German Regulator Finds Read More →

Economists and Weathermen

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The End of QE? Buy Physical Silver Online The End of QE? Podcast Summary: 0:00-3:50 Intro Quantitative Easing Equals Bailonomics 3:50 -9:12 Discussion of Bernanke’s exit from the Fed Chair of the Federal Reserve and the value of the dollar as a safe haven in a crisis (even ones involving the US), emerging markets turmoil Read More →