Silver Supply and Demand in Deficit – Where Is the Supply Coming From?

indian house hold gold

Silver Mining Production Projected to Decrease in 2016, While Demand Is Projected to Increase. Podcast Notes. Rory and I from the Daily Coin discussed the gold and silver markets yesterday. Below are some charts and commentary that follow the discussion in the order of the podcast. Please have a listen and take a look below. Read More →

Global Silver Mining Production Increases In 2015

world silver mining production 2014- 2015

Global Silver Mining Production Increases In 2015. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that global silver mining production increased about 2% in 2015 vs. 2014. Update May 5, 2016: Silver Institute reports silver mining production grew 2.1% in 2015* Update February 25, 2016: Silver Standard Resources Reports Record Silver Production in 2015 First Majestic reports an Read More →

Smaulgld On Wall Street For Main Street

Smaulgld on Wall Street for Main Street

Smaulgld On Wall Street For Main Street. Wall Street Banks and U.S. Shale Oil. Silver Miners Increasing Production Until Bankruptcy? Smaulgld was interviewed on the popular Wall Street For Main Street show yesterday. Host Jason Burak and I talked about how the Wall Street Banks may soon control the U.S. oil industry. We also discussed Read More →