Russia and De-Dollarization

Russia and De-Dollarization and Rebalancing Reserves Russia has spent over a year of de-dollarizing and rebalancing its reserves Russia’s Gold Reserves vs. U.S. Treasury holdings. Russia boosted gold reserves 16% in 2014 while lowering their U.S. Treasury Holdings by nearly 30% as part of its de-dollarization strategy. Russia added 18.7 tons of gold to its Read More →

Russia Adds 600,000 Ounces of Gold to its Reserves in December

Russian Gold Purchases in December 2014. Russian Gold Reserves Russia adds 600,000 ounces (18.7 tons) of gold to its gold reserves in December. Russia ends 2014 with 38.8 million ounces (1,207 tons) of gold in reserves. Russia’s Gold Buying Binge Continues Despite Rouble Woes – Adds Another 600,000 Ounces to its Gold Reserves in December Read More →