Ron Paul To Give Keynote Speech at Litecoin Summit

Discussed: Hayek, Competing Currencies, Government Issued Gold and Silver Coins; Bitcoin vs Litecoin Become a Patron! In this broadcast we discussed the differences between the gold standard and a potential bitcoin standard. Watch “Ron Paul To Give Keynote Speech at Litecoin Summit” Watch Video on Bitchute New Smaulgld affiliate 1st Coffee – wide selection of Read More →

The Coming Real Estate Supply/Demand Inventory Reversal

Real Estate Supply and Demand Real Estate News “Housing prices have risen dramatically not because of simple supply and demand, but because the Fed literally created demand by making the cost of borrowing money artificially cheap” Ron Paul 2007 The real estate market as measured by price increase (not volume of sales) is recovering. This Read More →

Dallas Fed President – Fed Needs to Get off the Monetary Cocaine

Dallas Fed President Monetary Cocaine First it was the hard money Austrian Economic types like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers warning on the ills of the Fed’s monetary easing. In recent times we have heard similar warnings from the Bank of International Settlements, Bill Gross and even the Federal Reserve’s own advisory council. Read More →