The State of the U.S. Economy

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The State of the U.S. Economy The United State economy is weak, yet the Federal Reserve continues to tout a “solid” economic recovery story while threatening to raise interest rates. Reality will eventually catch up with the Fed and those believing the media’s recitations of U.S. economic recovery narrative. Podcast Summary: Intro: 0:00-6:58 The Disconnect Read More →

Predictions for 2015 – Real Estate and the Economy

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Real Estate Predictions for 2015. Economic Predictions for 2015. Gold and Silver Predictions for 2015. The economy will not boost home sales, rather government stimulus and programs may do the trick. Interest rates will remain low as the Fed engages in “Quantitative Patience” and talks about raising rates only. Gold and silver demand will out Read More →

Will The Fed Ever Raise Interest Rates?

Will the Fed Raise Interest Rates? The Fed has been talking about ending QE and raising interest rates since 2009. Can the economy withstand an interest rate hike? How To Buy Gold. Fractional American Gold Eagles in 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 oz Sizes for Smaller Budgets. How to Buy Silver. 2014 American Silver Eagles Still Read More →