The New Petro Dollar – Backed by U.S. Oil

U.S. Oil Production and Exports Surge. Gold and silver take a hit on robust jobs report. US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross – multi polar world. U.S. to attack Venezuela? South Korea no plan to ban cryptocurrency exchanges. South Korea’s Samsung enters crypto mining market. India to Eliminate Cryptocurrencies – Not really. China – no Read More →

RE-Dollarization – Greece to Ditch Euro for Dollar?

Trump’s Pick to be U.S. Ambassador to the EU, Ted Malloch says Greece May Dump the Euro in Favor of the Dollar. As Petro Dollar Becomes Less Relevant What Might Replace it? The Dollar – Based on Increased Military Strength and New Geo-Political Arrangements. Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report Read More →

Why the End of Quantitative Easing May be Bad For The Dollar (& Good For Gold & Silver)

What Happens When QE ends? How to Buy Gold How To Buy Silver “The United States can pay any debt it has because it can always print money to do that.” Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan responding to a question as to whether United States Treasuries were safe to invest in. From a (kinda) Read More →