Perth Mint Silver Sales Top American Silver Eagle Sales in November

Perth Mint Silver Sales January 2014 - November 2017

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in November were 544,436 ounces, down 46% from October 2017 sales of 999,425 ounces. Year over year November 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were down 45% from November 2016 sales of 984,622 ounces. November Perth Mint sales of 544,436 ounces were 41% higher than November U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Read More →

Perth Mint Gold Sales Top U.S. Mint Gold Sales Again in November

Perth mint gold sales vs US Mint american gold eagle sales July 2016 - November 2017

The Perth Mint Sold 23,901 Ounces of Gold in November. November Perth Mint gold sales topped November U.S. Mint one ounce American Gold Eagle sales of 9,500 ounces. Perth Mint gold sales topped the U.S. Mint gold sales for the ninth month in a row. Gold sales at the Perth Mint in November 2017 were Read More →