Perth Mint Silver Sales Sturdy in July

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in July were 1,167,963 ounces, down 3.9% from June 2017 sales of 1,215,071 ounces. Year over year July 2017 Perth Mint silver sales were up 68.4% from July 2016 sales of 693,477 ounces. July Perth Mint sales of 1,167,963 ounces were lower than July U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales Read More →

Perth Mint Gold Sales Top U.S. Mint Gold Sales For Fifth Month in a Row

The Perth Mint Sold 23,675 Ounces of Gold in July. July Perth Mint gold sales of 23,675 topped U.S. Mint total gold sales of 21,500 ounces. Perth Mint gold sales topped the U.S. Mint gold sales for the fifth month in a row. Gold sales at the Perth Mint in July 2017 were up 40.33% Read More →