Bitcoin Then and Now – Ann Rhefn

A short history of Bitcoin. Smaulgld Live Stream – April 12, 2019 Last night we discussed the history of bitcoin and current developments. Watch “Bitcoin Then and Now – Ann Rhefn” Watch on Bitchute Resources: BITCOIN KILLS BANKING REDUX: EXCHANGES, DEXES, CASH APPS, DERIVATIVES (FUTURES AND ETF’S), BANKING PROTOCOLS, STABLECOINS Charts by Nick Laird (unless Read More →

Are Crypto Exchanges About To Go De-Centralized?

Bitcoin Litecoin Ratio

Cryptocurrencies: Decentralized Products on Centralized Exchanges. China’s crackdown on crypto exchanges highlights the issue with centralized crypto exchanges. Decentralized crypto exchanges, like local bitcoins gain favor after China’s crackdown. Atomic Swaps bypass exchanges altogether. Watch “Are Crypto Exchanges About To Go De-Centralized?” Watch Video on Bitchute Centralized vs Decentralized Exchanges Crypto currencies are decentralized products Read More →