History of Junk Silver

Mercury dime front and back

Junk silver premiums vary widely depending on the “prepper premium”. Become a Patron! In this live stream we discussed Junk silver. Watch “History of Junk Silver” Watch Video on Bitchute – Coming Soon What is Junk Silver? Junk silver refers to United States dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins with mint marks before 1965. Read More →

Junk Silver For Sale

Kennedy half dollars that are 90% silver

Junk Silver For Sale. How to Buy Junk Silver. Looking for Junk Silver for sale? The Smaulgld Junk Silver Buying Guide presents information on how and where to buy these coins. Junk Silver Buying Guide. On this junk silver for sale page you can compare pricing and shipping fees and buy 90% silver dimes, quarters, Read More →