JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Case Dismissal Overruled

Appeals Court Over Rules Dismissal of JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Law Suit. Appeals Court Rejects Lower Court Judge Holding That Plaintiffs Failed to Show that JP Morgan Made “Uneconomic Bids” in Attempting to Rig the Silver Market. Suit Alleges that JP Morgan Was Manipulating the Silver Price Lower to Take Advantage of Pricing Deal with Read More →

JP Morgan Cleared In Silver Manipulation Case

case dismissed JP morgan silver manipulation

JP Morgan Wins Dismissal of Silver Manipulation Law Suits Court Holds Plaintiffs Failed to Show that JP Morgan Made “Uneconomic Bids” No Silver Manipulation Here JP Morgan won dismissal today in three privately brought consolidated lawsuits alleging that it had manipulated the silver market in 2010 and 2011 by among other things placing artificial, uneconomic Read More →

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

gold and silver manipulation

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Silver Manipulation Gold Manipulation Are gold and silver price manipulation charges real? There is strong evidence to suggest that they are. Also See: Part 2 – Gold and Silver Manipulation – Actual Update November 9, 2014: UBS to Settle Precious Metals Misconduct Allegations Update January 27, 2015: German Regulator Finds Read More →