Russia Adds 500,000 Ounces of Gold To Its Reserves In June

Russia boosts its gold reserves another 500,000 ounces in June

Russia adds 500,000 Ounces of Gold to its Reserves in June 2014 As Tensions in Ukraine Increase, So Do Russia’s Gold Reserves. With Tensions Rising in Ukraine, Russia Continues to Add to its Gold Reserves Russia adds another 500,000 oz. of gold to its reserves in June after adding 300,000 ounces in May. Gold Price Read More →

An Astonishing and Persistent Denial of Economic Reality – Podcast

Denial of Economic Reality Buy Physical Silver Online The Fed Blames the Weather What will you do if the stock market crashes? Take our poll. Podcast Summary: Intro: 0:00 -4:55 Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Russia, War on the U.S. Dollar and Unintended Consequences 4:55-9:30 Discussion of how the media downplays the events in the Read More →