Gold Supply and Demand

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Gold Supply and Demand The gold supply and demand dynamic is currently in balance. With increasing demand and declining gold prices causing cut backs at gold miners and reduced scrap supply, how long until the gold supply demand dynamic goes into deficit? Update November 13, 2014: ISIS Unveils New Gold Backed Currency New! 1oz Silver Read More →

Silver and Gold Long Positions On Comex

Silver short positions on Comex remain elevated as do open gold short positions

Silver and Gold Long Positions on Comex Long silver positions on Comex among the largest traders would require 95 days worth of global silver production to satisfy delivery requirements. The Comex doesn’t keep 200-300 million ounce of silver in its vault to satisfy 100% of potential delivery requests How To Buy Gold How to Buy Read More →

Silver ETF Holdings Increase

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Silver ETF Holdings Silver ETFs continue to experience inflows, as gold ETFs experience outflows. How To Buy Gold How to Buy Silver Silver EFT Holdings Increase. Holdings in silver ETFs continue to rise as holdings in gold ETFs decline. Last week gold holdings in ETFs fell 0.54 million ounces, while silver ETF holdings rose 2.4 Read More →

Mexico To Levy New Tax on Gold and Silver Miners

Mexican Mining Tax Check out the Smaulgld Gold Buying Guide Check out the Smaulgld Silver Buying Guide Live Silver Prices Live Gold Prices Will Mexican Mining Tax Curb Silver Supply? Late last month, the upper house of the Mexican Congress approved a new mining royalty tax. The Mexican mining tax would provide for a royalty Read More →

Is a Gold and Silver Supply and Demand Price Adjustment Coming?

Gold and Silver Supply and Demand Price Out of Balance How To Buy Gold How to Buy Silver Update: October 21, 2014 Silver Supply and Demand A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore*- Yogi Berra Since May of this year-around the time the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke started talking about tapering quantitative easing (QE), Read More →