Can Anyone Predict the Price of Gold?

Muppets with Petrock for goldman sach

A Deluge of Anti-Gold Predictions Last Summer Predicting Doom For the Yellow Metal Proved Spectacularly Incorrect. Late July 2015 Gold Bashing Session Marked Bottoming for Gold Prices. Part 1 Gold Authorities – the Experts Gold’s fundamentals never change. The world around it does and you cant predict that – at least not the monetary side. Read More →

2014 Predictions For Gold and Silver

2013 Year in Review Gold & Silver Predictions 2014 Podcast Summary 0:00-5:00 Introduction 5:00-11:45 discussion of the housing market, interest rates and the Federal Reserve, new mortgage rules for 2014, adjustable rate mortgages, review of Bernanke’s tenure as Fed chairman. 11:45-18:45 stock market and interest rate predictions for 2014 – the Fed’s taper plans and Read More →