The Year the United States Sold Over 700 Tons of Gold

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The United States sold 22,571,428 ounces (702.0498 tons) in 1970. South Africa Sold More Than Twice as Much Gold in 1970 as the United States. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To via paypal Please consider making a small donation to Thanks! The State Read More →

When The CIA Suspected Gold Market Manipulation

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Recently Declassified CIA Documents Show Concern Over Gold Manipulation. Gold Sales From South Africa to the IMF Were Noted. CIA Comments on the Birth of the SDR and its Purpose As a Gold Substitute. Recently De-Classified CIA “SECRET” Documents Reveal Observations on the Gold Market* The documents discussed below were classified as “SECRET”. Secret is Read More →

Why Gold And Silver Must Be Manipulated – ICYMI Week Ended 10/15/2016 – Podcast

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Indian Gold Buying Picks Up In Advance of Festival Season. US Dollar Index Soars. Trump Delivers “Because You’d Be In Jail” Line At Debate Wikileaks Dumps Damaging Emails on Clinton, Main Stream Press Largely Ignores. Press Focuses on Trump Groping Allegations. Top Gold And Silver Stories from the week ended October 15, 2016. The top Read More →

Deutsche Bank Settles Gold Price Manipulation Case

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Deutsche Bank Gold Manipulation. German Bank Settles Gold Price Manipulation Case – Will Cooperate Against Four Other Banks Named in Suit. Settlement comes one day after Deutsche Bank settles silver price manipulation case. London Gold Fixing Case Settled as Yuan Based Gold Fix Set To Commence. Update October 5, 2016: Banks must face U.S. gold Read More →

Russia, Ukraine and The Dollar

Russia and the Dollar The imposition of sanctions on Russia appear to be working as the rouble has tumbled. Is this a short term victory of the US & EU over Russia? The Fed Produces Nothing, Yet Drives the U.S. Economy Podcast Summary: Introduction: 0:00-6:18 Russia, Ukraine and The Dollar 6:18-12:40 Discussion of the U.S. Read More →

Gold and Silver Manipulation

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Gold and Silver Manipulation Think gold and silver manipulation is nothing more than a conspiracy theory? Here are actual examples of gold and silver manipulation. Also See: Part 1 Gold and Silver Price Manipulation – Suspected Update April 16, 2016: Deutesche Bank Settles Gold Price Manipulation Case Update April 15, 2016: Deutsche Bank Settles Silver Read More →

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Silver Manipulation Gold Manipulation Are gold and silver price manipulation charges real? There is strong evidence to suggest that they are. Also See: Part 2 – Gold and Silver Manipulation – Actual New! 1oz Silver Bullion Cryptocurrency Rounds .999 Fine! Litecoin Silver Rounds Bitcoin Silver Rounds Ethereum Rounds Monero Silver Read More →

How Germany and China Could Mess Up the Fed’s Taper Plans

How Germany and China May Throw off the Fed’s Taper Plans Podcast Summary: 0:00-3:00 Intro Will The Fed Taper?/Germany’s Gold and Manipulation 3:00-6:54 Will the Fed continue to taper next week? Louis notes that even with another taper the current QE represents a massive increase in the amount of money printed. Louis predicts some sort Read More →