Mainstream Media Economic Cheerleading

Mainstream Media Economic Cheerleading Major international media outlets continue to tout the U.S. economy as “solid”, “robust” and “accelerating”. Podcast Summary Intro: 0:00-5:15 Retail Sales Review 5:15-7:10 discussion of the low retail figures in light of the supposed increase that was supposed to happen because of lower gas prices. Consumer spending is approximately 2/3 of Read More →

The Dark Side Of Artificially Low Interest Rates

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Artificially Low Interest Rates Update November 29, 2016: Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report below. Artificially low interest rates are bad for the economy. “Public opinion always wants easy money, that is, low interest rates” – Ludvig Von Mises, A Critique of Interventionism Over the past decade or so the Read More →