Ron Paul To Give Keynote Speech at Litecoin Summit

Discussed: Hayek, Competing Currencies, Government Issued Gold and Silver Coins; Bitcoin vs Litecoin Become a Patron! In this broadcast we discussed the differences between the gold standard and a potential bitcoin standard. Watch “Ron Paul To Give Keynote Speech at Litecoin Summit” Watch Video on Bitchute New Smaulgld affiliate 1st Coffee – wide selection of Read More →

Cryptocurrencies – Fiat Killers or Strengtheners?

Do privately issued cryptocurrencies threaten fiat currencies or do they strengthen and compliment fiat currencies? Smaulgld Speculation Series – Episode 1 The purpose of this series is to throw out ideas that are not fully thought through and to have Smaulgld subscribers comment, discuss and debate them. Competing Currencies Most countries today have legal tender Read More →