China to Crush The Dollar! Game Over!

China to Crush The Dollar! Game Over!” Chinese Yuan Sinks to Record Low vs the Dollar Watch on Rumble “China to Crush The Dollar! Game Over!”

Chinese Central Bank Governor Warns on China’s Growing Debt Pile

Chinese debt warning

People’s Bank of China’s Governor warns of potential sharp correction and Minsky Moment. Venezuela lets $1.7 billion gold swap with Deutsche Bank Lapse. China Issues $2 billion in Dollar Denominated Bonds – 11X Oversubscribed. China hopes its State Owned Enterprised US Dollar borrowing costs will be lowered. China to purchase 24% of all Chinese residential Read More →

Why it’s Going to Take Years to Internationalize the Chinese Yuan

yuan denied

China’s Gradual Internationalization of the Yuan. Chinese internal debt stands at 300% of GDP Before Unfunded Social Security Obligations. Mike Maloney of calls out Smaulgld! The problem with analyzing soley from the gold perspective. 2+2=GOLD Honest money must be surrounded honest narratives and reporting. Regulated Bitcoin futures trading begins. Russia makes huge gold purchase Read More →

Here Comes The Gold Backed Yuan – Without the Gold

China has Announced NO plans for a gold backed or redeemable Yuan. Since the appearance of the gold backed Yuan story in the Nikkei Asian Review NO Source of a Chinese announcement has been cited Many analysts and commentators have reported the story as something ‘China announced”. Recent variants of the “gold backed Yuan” story Read More →

Cryptocurrency Status in Turmoil – What’s Next?

China Bans Initial Coin Offerings. China rumoured to close cryptocurrency exchanges. Russia and Malaysia add to warnings on ICOs. Russia looks to regulate crytpocurrencies. Canadian Regulators Approve Bitcoin Fund. More holes in the Chinese-gold backed Yuan denomminated oil contract story. Gold and silver rise again. Video Commentary to “Cryptocurrency Status in Turmoil – What’s Next?” Read More →