site of the bretton woods agreement was signed in 1944 and ratified by congress in 1945

Reports of Death of the Dollar are Greatly Exaggerated. Smaulgld Live Stream – April 17, 2019 Last night we discussed the debt levels of the Fed, the ECB and the People’s Bank of China. Watch “DOLLAR COLLAPSE! END OF DOLLAR HEGEMONY! MULTI-POLAR WORLD!” Watch on Bitchute Resources: Charts by Nick Laird (unless otherwise labelled)- Read More →

China’s Debt Problem Is Too Large to Hide

China’s debt has reached more than 3X its GDP. NEW! The Smaulgld Store is Now Open – Click to Visit the Smaulgld Store Smaulgld Super Classic Mug – $23.99 with Free Shipping in the Continental United States. Smaulgld Live Stream -February 11, 2019 Last night we discussed China’s growing debt problem. Watch “Central Banks Are Read More →

Why it’s Going to Take Years to Internationalize the Chinese Yuan

yuan denied

China’s Gradual Internationalization of the Yuan. Chinese internal debt stands at 300% of GDP Before Unfunded Social Security Obligations. Mike Maloney of calls out Smaulgld! The problem with analyzing soley from the gold perspective. 2+2=GOLD Honest money must be surrounded honest narratives and reporting. Regulated Bitcoin futures trading begins. Russia makes huge gold purchase Read More →

Can China’s Gold Save it from a Debt Collapse?

Chinese Gold Holdings vs Chinese Debt

China’s Debt Monster Threatens Not Only Itself But The Entire Global Financial System Do Chinese Gold Reserves Provide Adequate Insurance? Chinese Debt to GDP is over 300% Future Growth Plans Rely on MORE Debt Chinese debt is so bad that even Chinese bankers now say it’s a ‘bubble’ Watch “Can China’s Gold Save it from Read More →

This is Why China’s Credit Rating Was Downgraded

Chinese image going down

S&P China downgrade to “upper medium grade” comes after Moody’s downgrade in May. U.S. Says Venezuela Oil Embargo is an Option. Tesla Will Settle Charges That it Tried to Cheat the Government. Trump criticizes NFL players for “Taking the Knee” Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin Again Video Commentary to “This is Why China’s Credit Rating Was Read More →