Bitcoin Deflates Despite Continued Pumping

Bitcoin lends itself to over sized price gains. Smaulgld Live Stream – June 5, 2019 Last night we discussed the price of bitcoin and some of the predictions surrounding where the price is headed. Watch “Bitcoin Deflates Despite Continued Pumping” Watch on Bitchute Resources: Charts by Nick Laird (unless otherwise labelled)- Compare American Silver Read More →

Cryptos Continue Their Ascent

Bitcoin, Litecoin Rise for a Second Straight Day. Smaulgld Live Stream – April 3, 2019 Last night we discussed the continued rise in the price of cryptocurrencies. Watch “Cryptos Continue Their Ascent” Watch on Bitchute Resources: Charts by Nick Laird (unless otherwise labelled)- Compare American Silver Eagles for sale at: Golden Eagle Coins SD Read More →

It Doesn’t Matter What You or Jamie Dimon Think About Bitcoin

Bitcoin image

Bitcoin Blows By $9400. More Cracks in Chinese Markets/Economy Appear. Russia Continues To Add to its Gold Stack. Gold Fund To Invest in Cryptocurrencies. GoldMoney To Open in China. Regulation Favorable to Cryptocurrencies coming in South Korea, Belarus and Bermuda. CryptoHippies Celebrate Futher Rises in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. COMEX Bitcoin Futures Coming. BRICS Mull Read More →

Bitcoin Overtakes Gold In Search Interest, Ethereum Tops Silver

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold & Silver Prices All Rise. More Comey, FBI, CIA, Trump & Russia Turmoil. Fed to Reduce Balance sheet by not reinvesting. Indian GST to impact gold and silver. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To via paypal Top stories: The Russian interference Read More →

Has Bitcoin Jumped the Shark?

why bitcoin will fail

Bitcoin Jumps the Shark Bitcoin has passed its peak. The invented crypto currency has been labeled property by the IRS and the price is on a steady decline. Is the end near? Has Bitcoin Peaked? Last Thanksgiving Bitcoin was on a roll. Recently discovered by the mainstream media and the subject of Congressional hearings, Bitcoin Read More →

The Case Against Bitcoin – A Faith Based/Emotion Backed Currency

why bitcoin will fail

The Case Against Bitcoin See also: Bitcoin: A Mining Disaster Waiting to Happen Will Greater Bitcoin Adoption Mean Higher Prices? Here Comes Bitcoin Regulation Bitcoin is backed by nothing other than the hope that it might be worth more tomorrow Bitcoin is a relatively new crypto-currency that has received a lot of media attention recently Read More →