The Differences Between the Tulip Bubble and the Bitcoin Bubble(s). Smaulgld Live Stream – April 30 2019 Last night we discussed the difference between tulip and beanie baby bubbles and bitcoin. Watch “WHAT HAPPENS AFTER A BUBBLE BURSTS?” Watch on Bitchute Resources: Charts by Nick Laird (unless otherwise labelled)- goldchartsrus.com Compare American Silver Eagles for Read More →

After Cryptocurrencies’ Wild Week – What’s Next?

Cryptocurrencies bitcoin ether and litecoin

What Might Pop the Crypto Bubble? The Great Crypto Crash and Recovery. U.S. Tax reform signed into law – supported only by Republicans. Russia to set up physical gold exchange and to buy more U.S. Dollars. Belarus legalizes Bitcoin, ICOs makes them tax free for five years Russian investigation ensnares Jill Stein. DOJ orders fresh Read More →

Cryptocurrencies Being Monitored by the White House

Goverment monitoring of cryptos and bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies being “Monitored” By the White House. U.S. Bill to require disclosure of cryptocurrencies considered. Bankers say Bitcoin still too small. Big Four Accounting PWC accepts Bitcoin as payment for its accounting services. ABC Broadcasts Fake News Re Flynn Plea Deal. India Reports Strong Gold and Silver imports for the month of October. Tulip Bubble: Read More →

Bitcoin vs. The Dollar – Podcast 12/13/13

Bitcoin vs. the Dollar Bitcoin: Can a Computer Mining Game Become a World Wide Currency? Podcast Summary 0:00-10:24 discussion of the Fed’s intention with respect to tapering QE against the backdrop of a budget deal and recent economic reports;experimental taper to test the market?;tapering still means expanding the Fed’s balance sheet; the impact of tapering Read More →

The Case Against Bitcoin – A Faith Based/Emotion Backed Currency

why bitcoin will fail

The Case Against Bitcoin See also: Bitcoin: A Mining Disaster Waiting to Happen Will Greater Bitcoin Adoption Mean Higher Prices? Here Comes Bitcoin Regulation Bitcoin is backed by nothing other than the hope that it might be worth more tomorrow Bitcoin is a relatively new crypto-currency that has received a lot of media attention recently Read More →