When Are They Going to Ban Bitcoin and Arrest Everyone?

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Crypto Wealth Leads to Surge in Gold and Silver Jewelry Buying

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High End Jewelry Store Drives Bitcoin Adoption with Discount for Crypto Purchases. Watch the video commentary to “Bitcoin Adoption and Silver Jewelry!” In this live stream, we follow up with a story about high end Silicon Valley jewelry store that has sold more than $10 million in jewelry to people using crypto currencies as payment. Read More →

Can Janet Yellen Fix The Labor Market? Podcast

Janet Yellen and the Labor Market Buy Physical Silver Online Podcast Summary Ryan and Louis speculate on what Janet Yellen’s plan to boost jobs might be. The discussion starts at 17:14. The discussion of why the IRS Bitcoin ruling is a Bitcoin killer starts at 42:35 0:00-6:15 Introduction 6:15-11:08 Discussion of the incessant positive spin Read More →

Will Greater Adoption Mean Higher Bitcoin Prices?

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Bitcoin Adoption and Prices. Greater Bitcoin Merchant Adoption Won’t Mean Higher Bitcoin Prices. Will a greater number of merchants accepting bitcoin drive its price higher or will the price drop as bitcoin holders dump bitcoins on accepting merchants? Check out the Smaulgld Gold Buying Guide Check out the Smaulgld Silver Buying Guide “Control of the Read More →