American Gold Eagle Premiums Rise as U.S. Mint Halts Production

November sales of American Gold Buffalo and Gold Eagle coins 2013 -2015

American Gold Eagle Premiums. American Gold Eagle Premiums Rise as U.S. Mint Abrupty Halts Production. Sales of 22K American Gold Eagle and 24K American Gold Buffalo coins surge in second half of year and November. Is there a Gold Shortage? The big story at the U.S. Mint in 2015 was the surge in sales of Read More →

American Gold and Silver Eagle Premium Charts

American Silver Eagle premiums by percentage

American Gold and Silver Eagle Premium Charts. Set forth below are charts showing premiums on American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle one ounce coins. These charts will be updated from time to time here and archived. If you are a Smaulgld subscriber (see right hand column for details on starting your free subscription), you Read More →

One Tenth Ounce American Gold Eagle Coin Sales Surge

Sales of U.S. Mint 1/10 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins Surge in July. Lower gold price drives smaller coin American Gold Eagle demand. Premiums on American Silver Eagle coins reach 30% at many dealers. Why it may make sense to buy small sized American Gold Eagle coins rather than American Silver Eagle coins. Update: July Read More →