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The Price of Silver Today Live Silver Prices Silver Charts One day, one year, five year and ten year silver price charts. Buy American Silver Eagle Coins Live Gold Prices Welcome to the silver prices page where you can check the price of silver per ounce. The silver price charts show the price of Read More →

Live Gold Prices

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The Price of Gold Today. Live Gold Prices. Fractional American Gold Eagles in 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 oz Sizes for Smaller Budgets Gold Charts. Charts showing one day, one year, five year and ten year gold prices. Live Silver Prices Welcome to the gold prices page where you can check the price of gold Read More →

How The Fed and The U.S. Punish Their Enemies and Their Allies

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The Fed and the U.S. work in tandem to ensure dollar hegenomy. Podcast Summary: 0:00-3:47 Introduction The Fed on GDP, Inflation and The Economy. Is the Fed Just Applying Palliative Care to the Economy or Are They Delusions Doctors? 3:47-8:36 discussion of the Fed President statements on the economy. All are projecting an accelerating economy Read More →

How To Buy Gold

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How To Buy Gold Want to buy gold but confused on how to buy gold and what gold to buy? The Smaulgld gold buying guide can help. Gold Buying Guide Welcome to our online gold buying guide that contains gold buying tips and shows how to buy physical gold online and how to buy paper Read More →

Russia Boosts its Gold Reserves Further

Russia adds to its gold reserves while decreasing its U.S. Treasury reserves

Russia Boosts its Gold Reserves Russia continues to add to its gold reserves in its efforts to de-dollarize. Russia Boosts its Gold Reserves Russia adds another 300,000 oz. (9.3 tonnes) of gold to its reserves in the last month. Live Gold Price Russia has been increasing its gold reserves at a rapid pace in recent Read More →

How To Buy Silver

How To Buy Silver. Silver Buying Made Easy. Want to buy silver but confused on how to buy silver and what silver to buy? The Smaulgld silver buying guide helps find the best places for buying silver. Silver Buying Guide. Welcome to our online silver buying guide, where you can learn how to buy silver. Read More →

Stop Calling it an Economic Recovery!

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The Fed met this week and delivered the news: the economy is recovering & the end of QE is near. The end of QE may be near but the economy is not recovering. Don’t Call it an Economic Recovery. Podcast Summary: 0:00-4:05 Introduction Could Just About Anyone Do Janet Yellen’s Job? 4:05-5:05 discussion of Janet Read More →

The Fed’s $4 Trillion Victory Lap

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The Fed met yesterday and announced a continued tapering to its QE program citing improvement in the economy. Fed keeps faith in recovery, bumps up expected rate-hike path. Fed Says Economy Rebounding as It Trims Bond Purchases Reuters and Bloomberg headlines June 18, 2014 post Federal Open Market Committee meeting of the Federal Reserve Board. Read More →

Will Market Dynamics Eventually Overpower Central Bank Manipulation?

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Market Dynamics vs. Market Manipulation Podcast discussing the success of central bank manipulation of interest rates to produce a rising stock market with no real economic growth. Buy Physical Silver Online Podcast Summary 0:00- 4:49 Introduction Boosting of Asset Prices Via Public Sector Buying and Company Share Buy Backs 4:49-7:07 Discussion how stocks are boosted Read More →

Is There A Correlation Between A Country’s Home Ownership Rate And Its Happiness?

Countries with the highest homeownership rates are not necessarily the richest or happiest countries

Home Ownership and Happiness A country’s homeownership rate is not positively correlated to its happiness or GDP. Real Estate News Homeownership and Happiness Countries with the Highest Home Ownership Rates Are Neither The Richest Nor the Happiest. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) constantly promotes and incessantly lobbies for increased home ownership touting the supposed Read More →