The Last Silver Empire?

The Last Silver Empire? Like the Roman Empire, The United States has paid for its welfare/warfare state by debasing its currency. The decline and fall of the Roman Empire occurred over centuries, how long will U.S. Empire last? In the “Decline and Fall of the World’s First Silver Empire” we noted that the Roman Empire’s Read More →

The Decline and Fall of the World’s First Silver Empire – Podcast

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The Decline and Fall of the Silver Denarius and The Roman Empire. As the Roman Empire grew, the silver content in its coinage declined. Currency debasement is a dead giveaway of an empire set to decline. ‘In the second century of the Christian era, the Empire of Rome comprehended the fairest part of the earth, Read More →

Why Comex Won’t Default

Why COMEX Won’t Default. Four Reasons COMEX Won’t Default or Collapse. New: Click here to see the companion video to this podcast below. Despite the predictions of many smart analysts of an imminent collapse or default of Comex, it hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t. Comex analysts have noted the seeming unsustainble gold and silver Read More →

The Dark Side of a Cashless Society


The Dark Side of a Cashless Society. Think going cashless is just about convenience? Here are some downsides of going cashless to make you think again. Part Two of Welcome to the Cashless Society presents the dark side. Welcome to the Cashless Society. Part 2 In Part I of “Welcome To the Cashless Society – Read More →

The Canary in the Gold Mine Has an Iron Lung

Canary in a gold mine

There is No Greek Deal. This week’s podcast reviews the supposed “aGreekment” gold and silver prices and Janet Yellen’s Congressional testimony. Introduction 0:00-3:10 There is No “AGreekment” 3:10 discussion of the terms of the recent deal to avert a Greek exit from the Euro. There is no Greek deal only media events surrounding negotiations- just Read More →

Loss of Trust in Markets

Loss of Trust in Markets. This week’s podcast reviews the market distortions on display across the globe. Introduction 0:00-11:10 The general public and Wall Street believe that there is a recovery and the economy is doing well. Recently, however, some obvious signs of cracks in the story have emerged. Greece Events in Greece make it Read More →

Consumer Confidence Conditioning

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Podcast Summary 0:00-7:21 Introduction Consumer Confidence Conditioning 7:21-13:13 the recent high reading of the Michigan consumer confidence survey is discussed in the context of the media’s insistence that the economy is improving. The Gallop consumer survey, however, is down. Consumer confidence is not a good barometer for predicting future economic activity. Consumer confidence and other Read More →

Markets Can Remain Manipulated Longer Than You Can Remain Solvent

Markets can remain manipulated longer than you can remain solvent In this week’s podcast: Podcast Summary 0:00-3:28 Introduction So What if the Fed Raises Rates? 3:28-6:20 discussion of Janet Yellen’s comments about raising rates after the Fed’s June Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Ms. Yellen noted that a rate hike is no big deal Read More →

A Warning For San Francisco and Silicon Valley

A Warning to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. In this week’s podcast: San Francisco and Silicon Valley companies without profits and high valuations will crash, bringing their real estate markets and economies down with them. The Fed will strongly signal interest rate hikes claiming the economy is strengthening. The underlying reason for interest rate hikes Read More →

“Sturdy” Non Farm Payroll Numbers Provide The Fed With Cover To Raise Interest Rates

Podcast Summary Introduction 0:00-4:56 How The Fed Managed to Keep Interest Rates Low and Print $4.3 Trillion Without Crashing The Dollar 4:56-8:03- Discussion of how the Fed manipulates market perception and interest rates. The three legged propaganda stool, company share buybacks and the “wealth effect” are discussed. The False Job Recovery 8:03-11:30 The most recent Read More →