U.S. Mint Reports Elevated American Gold Eagle Sales in January

January Sales of American Gold Eagles 1987 - 2017

American Gold Eagle Sales Remain Elevated to Start 2017. U.S. Mint Sold 86,500 One Ounce American Gold Eagles in January. Total number of American Gold Eagles sold in January, including 1/10, 1/4/ 1/2 and one once coins was 266,500. Total ounces of gold attributable to all American Gold Eagle Coins were 117,500 ounces. Silver to Read More →

JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Case Dismissal Overruled

Appeals Court Over Rules Dismissal of JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Law Suit. Appeals Court Rejects Lower Court Judge Holding That Plaintiffs Failed to Show that JP Morgan Made “Uneconomic Bids” in Attempting to Rig the Silver Market. Suit Alleges that JP Morgan Was Manipulating the Silver Price Lower to Take Advantage of Pricing Deal with Read More →

Kazakhstan Adds 36 Tons of Gold To Reserves in 2016

Kazakhstan gold reserves 2016 final

The National Bank of Kazakhstan Added 3.11 Tons (110,240 ounces) of Gold To Reserves in December. Total Gold Reserves Stood at 258.1589 Tons (8.3 million ounces) at end of 2016. Kazakhstan added 36.1989 tons (approximately 1,163,820 ounces) of gold to reserves in 2016. Kazakhstan Gold Reserves Rank 21st in the World. The National Bank of Read More →

U.S. Mint Posts Strong American Silver Eagle Sales in January

American Silver Eagle sales January 2017

January American Silver Eagle Sales Top Five Million For Third Year in a Row. U.S. Mint Sells 5,127,500 American Silver Eagles in January. Sales of American Silver Eagle Coins in January 2017 Were the Sixth Highest January Total in the Coin’s History. The U.S. Mint sold 5,127,500 American Silver Eagles in January. January 2017 sales Read More →

Twenty Percent Tax on Mexican Silver Imports?

silver mining output by country 2015 compared to 2014

20% tax on Mexican Silver? United States Imports About a Third to over Half of its Annual Silver Requirements From Mexico. President Trump Stirs up Uncertainty with Immigration Ban and Talk of Tariffs and Wall Building. Trump’s Mexican Border Wall – The Maginot Line? Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report Read More →

Bleeding Gold Reserves at the Fastest Pace Ever, The U.S. Closes the Gold Window

CIA logo

The CIA Report on the Gold Market in 1971, the Year the U.S. Went Off the Gold Standard. The United States Sold a Staggering 24,685,714 ounces of gold in 1971, or 767.81 Tons, Prior to Closing the Gold Window on August 15, 1971. … and another 85,714 ounces or 2.66 tons from August 15 to Read More →

Defensive Voting

defensive voting

Does Voting Matter? Voting – Having a say or getting your way? Was there a Difference Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Defensive Voting and Trump as an Alternative Earlier this week I discussed the concept of voting with Sean at SGT Report. We discussed the nature of voting in a democracy, defensive voting and Read More →

Show Down Brewing Between President Trump and Fed Chair Yellen.

Cat face off

Trump: Dollar Is Too Strong/Yellen: Raise Rates Trump’s America First Industrialization Plans vs Fed’s Independence May Clash. Historical Perspective: Richard Nixon vs. Fed Chair Arthur Burns. What Trump Wants Trump wants a weaker dollar to help US industrial exports, precisely at the time when the dollar is strengthening due to tighter Fed monetary policy What Read More →

The Year the United States Sold Over 700 Tons of Gold

CIA logo

The United States sold 22,571,428 ounces (702.0498 tons) in 1970. South Africa Sold More Than Twice as Much Gold in 1970 as the United States. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To Smaulgld.com via paypal Please consider making a small donation to Smaulgld.com. Thanks! The State Read More →

Russia Adds 199 Tons of Gold To Reserves in 2016

Russian and Chinese central bank monthly gold additions November 2015 - November 2016

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves 2016. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation added 6,400,000 ounces (199.062 tons) of gold to its reserves in 2016. The Central Bank of Russia added no gold to reserves in December. Russia’s central bank holdings at 1614.267 tons of gold at year end; the sixth most of any nation. Read More →