Perth Mint Silver Sales Slump in February

Silver sales at the Perth Mint in February were 502,353 ounces down 59% from January 2017 sales of 1,230,867 ounces. Year over year February 2017 Perth Mint silver sales fell 52.1% from February 2016 sales of 1,049,062 ounces. Gold Sales at the Perth Mint in February Were Down 32% from February 2016. Silver Sales at Read More →

Shanghai Gold Exchange February Withdrawals Highest on Record

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals Rose 67% in February to 179.237 tons from 107.6 tons in February 2016. Shanghai Gold Exchange February withdrawals were down 3% from 184.41 tons withdrawn in January 2017. February 2017 gold withdrawals were the largest February total ever on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Donate To via paypal You can compare Read More →

Perth Mint Gold Sales February Drop 32%

The Perth Mint Sold 25,257 Ounces of Gold In February. Gold sales at the Perth Mint Fell Below 50,000 Ounces a Month For the First Time in Six Months in February. February 2017 Perth Mint Gold Were 32% Lower than February 2016 Gold Sales of 37,063 Ounces. Gold sales at the Perth Mint in February Read More →

Indian Gold Demand & Imports Bouncing Back

Early 2017 Indian Gold Imports Show Signs of Renewed Demand. Indian Gold Imports Rose Sharply When Rupee Demonetization Was Announced in November 2016 but Plummeted in December. Removal of Cash From Circulation Curbed Further Gold Sales in December; 10% Import Duty Remains Indian Gold Imports January Indian gold imports were 54 tons, a slight increase Read More →

Gold and Silver Hang On To Key Price Levels

Gold and Silver Took Big Hits Last Week. Gold Holds Above $1200 an Ounce, Silver, $17 an Ounce. Bitcoin ETF Rejected by Securities and Exchange Commission. GOP Unveils Obamacare replacement. Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To via paypal Top stories: GOP reveals Obamacare replacement. Read More →

Why The Bitcoin ETF Went Down in Flames

why bitcoin will fail

SEC Rejects Rule Change to Allow Bitcoin ETF. Massive Bitcoin Trading on Unregulated Exchanges Was Key Factor. Bitcoin Price Swings Nearly $400 on Day of SEC Decision. BTC ETF Might Have Destroyed Bitcoin Ecosystem/Value as Currency. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE to open a coin base account and get Read More →

People’s Bank of China Gold Reserves Flat For Four Months

Peoples Bank of China Added 14.07 Tons of Gold to Reserves in February. The People’s Bank of China Added No Gold to Reserves in November 2016 and sold 20.97 tons of gold in December 2016, added back 6.91 tons in January and 14.07 tons in February. Total reported People’s Bank of China gold reserves stand Read More →

US Mint American Gold Buffalo Sales Third Highest Ever in February

Solid February for American Gold Buffalo Coin Sales. U.S. Mint Sold 15,000 24K one ounce gold coins in February. American Gold Buffalo sales in February 2017 were third largest February total in coin’s history. Total American Gold Buffalo and American Gold Eagle Sales were 42,500 ounces in February. The U.S. Mint sold 15,000 one ounce Read More →

America Needs a War, Any War

Theodore Roosevelt 1897: “I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one.” Spanish American War Begins in 1898. The United States Has Been Involved in Dozens of Military Campaigns over the past 120 years since. Many US Wars Have Involved Fighting Muslims or Russians. War is the One Certain Way to Read More →

American Gold Eagle Sales Fall 69% in February

American Gold Eagle Sales Drop From Elevated January Levels. U.S. Mint Sold 21,000 One Ounce American Gold Eagles in February. Total number of American Gold Eagles sold in January, including 1/10, 1/4/ 1/2 and one once coins was 60,000. Total ounces of gold attributable to all American Gold Eagle Coins were 27,500 ounces. Silver to Read More →