Twenty Percent Tax on Mexican Silver Imports?

silver mining output by country 2015 compared to 2014

20% tax on Mexican Silver? United States Imports About a Third to over Half of its Annual Silver Requirements From Mexico. President Trump Stirs up Uncertainty with Immigration Ban and Talk of Tariffs and Wall Building. Trump’s Mexican Border Wall – The Maginot Line? Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report Read More →

Show Down Brewing Between President Trump and Fed Chair Yellen.

Cat face off

Trump: Dollar Is Too Strong/Yellen: Raise Rates Trump’s America First Industrialization Plans vs Fed’s Independence May Clash. Historical Perspective: Richard Nixon vs. Fed Chair Arthur Burns. What Trump Wants Trump wants a weaker dollar to help US industrial exports, precisely at the time when the dollar is strengthening due to tighter Fed monetary policy What Read More →

Markets Prepare For Trump Turmoil

Desert Dust Devil

With Inauguration Looming, Trump Administration Policies Uncertain. Gold and Silver Prices Rise/Gold ETF Inflows Dry Up. U.S. Mint Reports Strong First Week Gold and Silver Sales. Press Conference Decorum Top stories of the week- Trump calls “fake news” on CNN at press conference; refers to Buzzfeed as a failing pile of garbage. Celebrities record “I Read More →

What is the Real Purpose of the Gold Futures Market? – Podcast

notional futures gold daily trading

Wikileaks 1974 Cable Reveals Purpose of Creation of Gold Futures Market. Top economic stories of the week: Wilikeaks 1974 cable confirming the intent of the creation of a gold futures market prior to the legalization of gold at the end of 1974. 1933: gold ownership banned (FDR executive order 6102) 1944: Bretton Woods Agreement (established Read More →

Gold and Silver 2016 Year in Review

Gold etf demand final 2016

Gold and Silver Finish 2016 Higher. Click here to see the Smaulgld commentary video to this report below. Gold and silver. Gold closed last week at $1133.50 an ounce and closed this week at $1150 up 8.5% from the close of 2015 of $1060 an ounce. Silver closed last week at $15.73 an ounce and Read More →

Re -Evaluating Bitcoin – ICYMI December 26, 2016

Bitcoin image

The War On Cash Expands. India, Venezuela, Europe, Pakistan, Australia among sovereign issuers that have pulled or considered pulling their currencies. Bitcoin soars. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To via paypal Top News A terrorist truck attack in Berlin was the main story of the week. Top Economic News India’s war Read More →

Currencies in Crisis

Burning Currency

New Indian Rupee Notes Crumble – Literally. Indian gold dealers bank accounts frozen. Venezuelan Shops Weighing Currencies. Venezuelan Government Pulls 100 Bolivar Notes From Circulation But Won’t Exchange All 100 Bolivar Notes in Currency Swap. Australian $100 note on the way out? WARNING: Hoarding Cash May Not Provide Protection Fed Raises Fed Fund Rate a Read More →

Explaining the Deutsche Bank Silver Manipulation Case – ICYMI – December 10, 2016


Deutsche Bank Settles Silver Manipulation Case. Stock Market Hit All Time Highs. Gold falls after Italian Constitutional Referendum Fails. Dollar at 14 year Highs as Fed Mulls Rate Hike. Deutsche Bank Silver Manipulation Case DB settles Private Litigation Civil Suit- No Jail, No Fines, but damages Separate DOJ/CFTC Investigation Underway Plaintiffs: COMEX silver traders Defendants: Read More →

Why the Stock Market May Finally Correct and QE4 Won’t Happen- ICYMI December 3, 2016


President Elect Donald Trump’s Administration Won’t De-Emphasize Wall Street, Just Redirect it. Wall Street To Remain Important for Industrial and Infrastructure Lending (Hostile) Silicon Valley Speculative Equities/FANGS/MSM Media Are Out Trump’s Economic Focus Will be on the U.S. Heartland and Rust Belt Where He Derives His Political Strength Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s Negative Interest Rates Read More →

Gold and Silver at The Crossroads – ICYMI November 26 2016

BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY GOLD AND SILVER SALE Gold and Silver Reverse Direction. Gold and Silver Prices Fall to Nine Month Lows The top stories of the week: Jill Stein challenge to election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Trump infers he won’t prosecute Hillary Clinton. Washington Post, NY Time and others continue the “fake news” Read More →